Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Valuable are Theatre Partnerships

Clubbed Thumb ponders establishing relationships in theatre...

Given some food for thought at a Mellon-organized conversation about theater partnerships, something that, given the nature of our A-ha! grant, is very much on my mind. One thing we all said: it's great to be in a room talking together, because it is hard to find the time for that (although we weren't that great at saying that much that was specific when we were all together--better when we divided up into smaller groups). My current thinking: I wish I had structured the grant so that I could hire someone to do part of my job, so I had more time to cultivate these relationships, instead of, say, write grants. But of course I only want to spend money on production... which is why I applied with a Do It instead of a Think It!

--Maria Striar, Clubbed Thumb

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