Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is 'Literacy' the Right Term?

The Parking Lot where we put ideas that might deserve more conversation at a later time. You can see the big ideas sprouting throughout the day from "WIA – the Workforce Investment Act" to “What is diversity” to “Is ‘literacy’ the right term.”

Jane talking about the literacy center – Not trying to teach people to read, but to give them a positive experience with a piece of literature so they can go out and find meaning in what they read.

This was toward the antennas went up because we moved into generalities about Book-It’s work. I pushed for us to be specific, and to support our ideas with evidence. They said I looked more like a bull.

To close, here is an image of our original “Vision Exercise” that happened at the beginning of the grant. During a break we looked at what we imagined the literacy center to be back in November – we saw assumptions and ideas that are affirmed by the information that’s been gathered to date.

Two big things that came up at the very end of the retreat are:

  1. We need to talk more about our work as a theatre. Are we trying too hard to become something else? Does our theatre inspire literacy in our community? Or does it promote something else?
  2. What does inspire mean to us?

We are mid-way – Sha-woo...

--Gail Sehlhorst, Book-It

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