Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post TCG conference buzz

I just got back from the TCG conference in LA. It was inspiring and educational, to say the least.

For me one of the unofficial themes that seemed to thread throughout the conference was the intersection of theatre with film/tv. I attended two sessions that explored the topic overtly, and the climax of the weekend was a conversation with Julie Taymor. Obviously she's an artist who has had huge amounts of success as a director of both live theatre and films.

It was heartening and exciting to see so many of the elements of our own innovation project bubbling up through out the discussions at the conference.

But like many of us experience, as soon as I returned home I was confronted with reality, ever challenging reality. For scheduling reasons I've had to push back production on our biggest DGTV project to date, which in turn affects the launch dates. It's frustrating but I'd rather get the cast I want for the project than release it at the planned time.

So I guess in the tug of war between artistic excellence and real world deadlines I've favored the former in this case. I hope it's the right call but only time will tell. What I do know for sure is that issues like this will continue to surface with increasing frequency as we strive to release more and more content on a more and more ambitious schedule. So I guess it's important for me to know how I want to handle it.

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  1. We completely agree Kevin! I felt personally overwhelmed, but now have a stack of business cards on my desk!