Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey, I’m Kate Valk, and this is an update on our “A-ha!” project at The Wooster Group. We are experimenting with several new formats for our proposed artist-interview dialogs. Below are some prototypes:

1. Investigative Profile: “Prince Wooster” follows one of the original artists still residing in our transformed SoHo neighborhood.

2. Casual Situation Interview: Upstairs at The Performing Garage in my dressing room, co-host Zigniew Bzymek (“Z”) and I conduct a “couch chat” with Wooster Group producer Cynthia Hedstrom. “sugar high episode 2” is a model we’d like to use with outside artists.

3. Phone Tap Interviews: Here Wooster Group director Elizabeth LeCompte talks to filmmaker Ken Kobland over a phone tap about his new film, THE TOY SUN.

4. Visiting Artist Profile: For koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO’s production of INVISIBLE/VISIBLE we sent Z to profile the artists. He investigated the title of their piece.

5. Guest Spots: We want to feature the work of other video artists on our new blog. This video is an experiment with public interface where we sent out an “open call” for guest artist videos...

6. Collaborations: We’re teaming up with Young Jean Lee on a new web series for the blog. This video presents “you are there” documentation of the artistic process at its inception.

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