Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fancy digs!

This is my last blog for The Austin Scenic Co-op and I am really happy with what we have been able to accomplish in the past year, thanks to TCG and Metlife.

This year we have created some reliable and consistent systems for inventory and check-in/check-out processing. We have a website and a facebook page... but the most exciting new growth spurt happened in just the last two months with the opening of a Co-op Scene Shop at the Rude Mechs CenterCenter space. This scene shop will be available for low rent to the Austin theater community. Over the past year many artists complained about a lack of space to build their shows and we are so happy to be able to finally meet that need! Not only does it meet a community need but it also offers us opportunities to create systems of sustainability within the Co-op. With the rental fees for use of the shop we hope to continue to be able to employ at least one Co-op staff member after the Ah Ha grant has ended.

Here are a couple of pictures of our fancy new digs...

 Thank you once again TCG! This has been a really rewarding year and we hope to continue to grow and strengthen all of the foundations that have been laid.

Jenny Larson, The Austin Scenic Co-op/ Salvage Vanguard Theater

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