Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Artisan Exchange #3: Chris Perme

 Greetings from DC!  This has been a great week for me here at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.  The biggest difference I have found between STC and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) is that this is not a standard rep theatre.  The Lansburgh (451 seats) is housing a production of "Hughie" that will run until March 17th.  Harman Hall, (774 seats) is currently running a touring show called "FELA!".  This particular show is a "rental" which is common in this space.  A touring show comes in with their crew, and takes over the space for several weeks.  The "FELA!" production has hired two stagehands to operate the flyrail for a couple of cues during the show.  When this show loads out on Sunday, a ballet company will begin to load in and perform in the space for two weeks.  These will be the productions that I will start to work on as a stagehand.  The first few days I have been here, I shadowed stagehands in both theatres and acclimated myself to the production style and systems here at STC.  In addition to these performances, special events like NT Live (a live feed of a show from London is shown on a projection screen) take place. 

  Because of the limited stagehand requirements, STC has one "Stage Carpenter" for each theatre.  These are basically Lead Stagehands in charge of the space and take care of any set repairs and notes that are needed.  Then there are two "Run Crew" stagehands that are called whenever a production needs any extra hands.  If more stagehands are required, a pool of overhires are tapped to fill in any gaps in the production. 

  That's all for now! I will take pictures during the load out of "FELA!" so that all y'all can see Harman Hall and it’s amazing fly space!

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