Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chris Perme: Rep in DC

I'm getting into the first house productions of the year here in Harman Hall. Coriolanus and Wallenstein will be playing back to back for the next few months. The interesting thing about the rep here at this theater is that they use the same set for both plays. The only things that change each day are the lines, blocking, costumes and the placement of one chandelier. Even the actors are the same day to day. The permanent set is definitely easier to set up from a stagehand's perspective. The props for both shows are always set up backstage, and the automation moves are always the same.  I can understand the artistic choice to use the same set for two plays that share commonalities. It highlights both the similarities and differences between the shows.  

Right now, we are beginning the tech phase, which will last for the next two weeks. After that, there will be almost a month of previews. The plays open at the end of April. I will be holding down a position backstage and, near the end of my exchange, an overhire stagehand will be brought in to take over my track. I am responsible for handoffs of props and a few fly maneuvers. It is unfortunate that I will not be able to experience the opening of the show, but I have had fun with this experience.

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