Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work Day at the Austin Scenic Coop (With Pictures!!!)

On February 28th, the Austin Scenic Coop (a collaboration between Salvage Vanguard and Rude Mechs) held a work day to clean the storage area at Salvage Vanguard Theater where much of the inventory will be housed. A dozen volunteers cleared out old, unusable equipment and material, and built storage bays, shelving, and lockable cages.

{In this photo (above) we are moving giant rolls of gray foam, l to r: Chris Gibson, someone hidden by foam, Jeanine Lisa, Connor Hopkins, Hank Schwemmer.}

Paint, flats, platforms, step units, doors, windows and "other" now have a space of their own, and there is plenty of room for the creation of an office and meeting room, as well as for hosting rehearsals (beginning March 1).

{In "after shot" photo (below), standing in cleaned space, l to r: Joe Carpenter, Devo Carpenter, Jeanine Lisa, Jennifer Rogers, Natalie George, Connor Hopkins, Abbey Wyndham.}

The space will also host the retreat, planned for next month, during which Thomas, Brad, and myself will meet with other theater workers and begin to build the needs and wants of the community into the Coop's business plan. More news soon to follow...

--Connor Hopkins, Austin Scenic Coop & Trouble Puppet Theater Company

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