Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gearing Up for the Pilot Program of the Austin Scenic Coop

The Austin Scenic Coop has outlets, light switches, and insulation! There is a new storage loft and much better-organized set of storage bays for upright storage of flats. Our Pilot Program is gearing up, with invited organizations using (or planning the use of) their virtual accounts.

The open space in the Coop is slated to be used for rehearsal starting Monday. However, a side effect of the spray-foam insulation has delayed preparation for that. In the course of installation, a fairly fine spatter of adhesive foam covered everything exposed to open air, including scenic elements which can be easily scraped clean, and other items less easily restored, like fabric backdrops, puppets, and power tools. Some of these items belong to the Coop and others to groups who have traded or otherwise arranged for storage in the space.

The real problem, though, was not the foam droplets on surfaces, but the tiny aerosolized particles of foam that remained in suspension in the air. The foam is often used in industrial spaces which have HVAC systems that filter the air, but we have no such system, and the foam dust lingered for several days, making it impossible to work in the space without eye and throat irritation. So the cleanup and restoration of the areas that had to be moved or partly disassembled in order to accommodate the insulation installation has been on hold.

We look forward to a very busy weekend of storing, cleaning, rebuilding, and otherwise civilizing the area in time for Monday evening. Included are pictures of the preparation for the insulation and electrical work. Pictured are volunteers Hank Schwemmer (up high) Rob Jacques, Devo Carpenter, and Jay Young.

--Connor Hopkins, Austin Scenic Coop, Coordinator

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