Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finished Product

We here at Center Theatre Group (CTG) have finally reached an end to our year long journey of our research exploring internship placements for graduate arts management students in local Los Angeles theatres. In reality, however, we feel our work is never done! We have learned so much and plan to launch an expanded internship program here at CTG that will include a new opportunity targeting graduate students based on this research-the CTG Scholars Program.

Please visit our webpage here to download our white paper and feel free to post any feedback here on the blog!

A special thanks to Theatre Communications Group and MetLife for giving us the opportunity to "think."

Leslie K. Johnson
Director of Education and Community Partnerships

Patricia Garza
Senior Manager for Education and Community Partnerships


  1. After reading the white paper, I am so inspired. It was such a great compilation of what students need/want in a internship along with how those desires can possibly work with what an organization is willing to offer. As a student, being able to read about what types of interns these organizations are looking for I know I am headed along the right path because just as much as we, the students, want an organization to invest in us, administrators want that same commitment from us by immersing ourselves into their organizations, which I am more than happy to give. I am so excited for CTG's graduate internship program to take wings and fly! I can't wait to apply! -Elena Muslar MFA 1 Producer CalArts

  2. I had such an amazing time at the event, and I think what CTG is doing is vital to the arts community in Los Angeles, especially as we usher in an era of new arts managers. It is so refreshing to feel supported and valued as I enter the job market, and to be able to connect with such vibrant, talented people. The free play wasn't bad, either. :) Cheers to CTG-- and Patricia and Leslie, in particular-- for championing such a great cause.