Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ramping Up...

Oh boy, things are about to get crazy.

Starting in September, and running until March, we are attempting to release 1 video per week.

Why? Why would we plan something like this? Because we enjoy creating mountains of work for ourselves? Because we feel like it's our best bet at creating some online momentum and cultivating a viewership? Because we're just excited about the project as a whole? The answer is probably some combination of all these things.

Our first 6-part series has already been shot and is being edited right now. We're shooting a puppetry series next week. Plus we've got a few other odds and ends in various stages of production.

We're basically trying to bank as much content as we can right now, so that once our steady stream of launches begins we can maintain it. Let's see how we do.


PS: Licensing music is expensive! Things I've learned working on this project...

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