Monday, October 11, 2010

Artistic-Literacy Transitions for the Future...

I have been in the throes of my final report for Book-It titled, "The Road to Literacy: Book-It Repertory Theatre, An Evaluation of Impact, Programs, and Partnerships." A years worth of work has been synthesized and the next steps will be for the company to decide how they want to move forward with the literacy center and if it's the right fit for the venue they plan to build. Book-It is well positioned to continue its work with regards to literacy – those in the literacy community have expressed a need and they want Book-It to continue on this path. It’s pretty exciting for the company and for Seattle.

For me, the relationship is interesting because I am also transitioning into the role of Director of Education for Book-It - going from an objective evaluator to staff. The current Education Director will become the Director of Touring, which is really an artistic associate role for the company and everyone is excited for this to transpire. I guess the reorganization of staff is part of what’s evolved from this project – we didn’t foresee this last September when we got the grant – again pretty exciting. Thanks so much TCG!

~ Gail

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