Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How about a little push?

In this Think It process, we're really trying to adopt the mantra "To discover new frontiers, you have to lose the shore."

I'm thinking we need help pushing the boat into the water.

We have the budget to bring in 3 big thinkers to visit Curious and talk with the Company (about our desire to reinvent the resident artistic company model).

The marvelous Susan Medak is coming out next week, during the opening weekend of ASTRONOMICAL SUNSET. In addition to being brilliant, Susan's a superb brain for us to consult as she has been out to Curious a few times over the years, and thus has unique insight to our organizational culture.

Might a NON-theatre thinker be a good part of the mix? I've been watching Ted Talks videos all morning looking for what might be relevant but far enough from our field to shift our perspective. (Derek Sivers, maybe?)

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Mare Trevathan
Curious Theatre Co, Denver

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