Monday, October 25, 2010


Mmm, first time posting own blog. I could write anything.....

Have therefore put it off for a long time.

We're underway with the planning of the first of our SuperLab series. Putting the finishing touches on the cast and process for Madeleine George's SEVEN HOMELESS MAMMOTHS WANDER NEW ENGLAND, which Alec Duffy is going to direct. Many discussions from far-flung places-- Arkansas-- Instanbul-- midtown--, via cell, skype and email.

Trying to root out the most efficient methods of getting things decided and done. Used to DIY downtown, so I'm on a learning curve. Way more steps when there is a partnering institution , let alone and much larger one, involved. Also more advance planning and support in place. Have not yet figured out how to prevent communicating and managing absorb as much time as it is supposed to save, but I think there's a cumulative efficiency we haven't yet attained , as we are on our first outing. Looking forward to actually working on a play! But more on that later.

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