Monday, October 18, 2010

Austin Scenic Coop October, STP, schools and books and dance and...

This month, the Austin Scenic Coop is being used by a media company for a live action shoot of online content, a grade school for the school play, the Texas Book Festival for a panel discussion, a dance company... and it's only the 18th. There could be quite a bit more before the month is over.

I have spent almost two weeks trying to set up a meeting with Derek Kolluri of The Sustainable Theater Project (for people who most people consider not to have a "real job" we seem to be strangely overworked). The STP started up last year and seeks to produce quality theater with environmentally sustainable methods, in order to increase the organizational stability of the group, decrease expense in order to increase pay to livable levels. Their ultimate goal is to open a zero-waste theatrical venue. So, clearly, The ASC has a lot in common with this group. We hope to support and promote each other, and increase the efficacy of both groups by partnering in the exploration of responsible, sustainable, and accessible methods of production. That is, as soon as either of us can catch a breath.

Derek has volunteered his help with the Coop website, for which advance work is being done by Jeanine Lisa, including an inventory of existing stock. This could take a while.

I have asked the various entities that are making use of the Coop to write up very short assessments regarding if/why the Coop is of value to them, the benefits and changes that it makes possible.. I will post those on the blog as they come in, in order to get some other voices and viewpoints represented here. I know I'm incredibly interesting, but variety is always nice.

-Connor Hopkins

Coordinator, Austin Scenic Coop

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